Other services

Re-examination of Financial Statements (ISRE2400)


To re-examine whether the financial statements of the subsidiary meet the standards of IFRS so as to prepare the consolidated financial statements for the Company.


A European holding company


A Subsidiary in China (production-oriented enterprises)

Work scope

Responsible for reviewing the difference between the China Accounting Standards and IFRS, and making adjustments

Role of our CPA

A national accounting firm is only responsible for the audit assignment in China. Due to the difference between Chinese and Western laws, the audit report of the subsidiary may not meet the European standards. The subsidiary is forbidden to share internationally with the parent company of the audit report under the national laws and regulations.


Our CPA acts as an intermediary for the client and takes corrective actions to narrow the difference between the China Accounting Standards and IFRS. The subsidiary hence meet both of the Chinese and Western standards

Tax Services

  • Act as tax representative on behalf of clients
  • Prepare tax return based on accounting records and handle the submission procedure
  • Assist in responding the enquiries raised by IRD and raise objection to the assessed tax
  • Give taxation advice with respect to the corporate structure and cross-border issues
  • Self-examine tax affairs
  • Assist in responding the enquiries raised by IRD on a real-time and on-site basis

Company Secretarial Services

Provided by the secretarial services company.

Human Resource Services

Provided by the HR branch such as recruiting qualified financial staff.

Special Services

  • Conduct Internal Audit
  • Prepare Due Diligence Reports
  • Assess Values of Company Shares
  • Arrange Bank Financing