When conduct an audit?

Companies Ordinance Requirements:

Pursuant to Companies Ordinance, the company's first audited financial statements should not cover a period more than 18 months. Subsequently, the audited financial statements should be prepared on an annual basis.

The Companies Law requires companies to convene the annual general meeting (AGM) every year (less than 15 months between each AGM).
Shareholders are given notice together with the audited financial statements 21 days prior to attend the AGM to adopt and approve the financial statements.

Therefore, the audit is generally finished 3 to 6 months after the financial year-end date.

Profits tax return filing requirements (and audited financial statements) required by Inland Revenue Department:

The tax-filing deadline is related to the financial year-end date in the following way:

Year-end date

Tax Return issued by Inland Revenue Department

Deadline for submission of profits tax return together with audited accounts and Tax computation to Inland Revenue Department

Inland Revenue Department assigned code


Same year 02/Apr

Same year 15/Nov

M code


Next year 02/Apr

Next year 30/Apr

N code


Next year 02/Apr

Next year 15/Aug

D code