Difference with other Accounting (Non-CPA) firm


Other Accounting Firm(Non CPA)


Reporting Language

Generally English. Provides part of the Chinese reports under clients’ requirement with extra charges.

Client Comes First. Either Traditional Chinese or English as the reporting language for Chinese-speaking clients. The director(s)/ Owner(s) can easily understand the audit documents and sign comfortably.

Lead time to start audit work

Requires clients to provide the audit documents initiatively for matching their own audit assignment schedule

Starts auditing long after the submission of audit documents

Step by Step. Observe the general situation in receiving tax returns, and then regularly collect the audit documents from clients.

Keep monitoring the clients with late tax returns records to ensure the tax payment is made on time.

With sufficient manpower, our CPA finished the audit assignment on time in the past years, except there was a delay in document complements by clients.

Audit fee

Low fee first, higher fee comes after increasing sales volume. Slightly raise the fee though the company is facing downturn.

Clearly Stated. Informs the clients verbally first, and then provides a quotation to state the audit fee.


Generally tends to extreme (Loose/ Tight) in handling the tax implications

Requires clients to follow their own mechanism on tax returns.

Regular Reminder. Handles the qualified audit opinions moderately by regular meeting with clients.

Respects the demands of clients. Allow clients to state their required items on the financial statement after signing the written statement. Voluntarily calculates the reasonable low tax on tax returns for clients.

Tax payment follow-up

Generally do not make any follow-up actions for the potential problems on tax returns after the issuance of the notice of assessment by the IRD. Clients may misunderstand that the tax returns.is completed

Extra Follow-up Actions. For normal assessment procedures, we first register for the tax payment day and remind the clients so as to avoid 5% additional fee and the unprepared upcoming tax payment.

For prepaid cash that is greater than HK$100,000, we will request for the sales volume of the client company and whether it is necessary to hold over of provisional tax.